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Triple crash involving a Tesla…

Only in LA, huh?!?

6:07 PM PT — Delegate to Jeff Beecher TMZ says…he wasn't driving during the accident, he was dropped off at the gym and was checking to see if everyone was safe. His assistant was driving his car.

The biggest car accident you can imagine happened in Los Angeles in La La Land this week – where three electric cars touched down on the edges of the road… and yes, all of them Which colorCreations.

Check out these photos from the scene in Bev Hills on Wednesday – a three-way crash involving a Tesla occurred at the intersection of Rexford Drive and Beverly Drive, and it appears there were a few different models in the mix, not to mention varying degrees of damage.

We were told these looked like Model Y, 3 and X Teslas… and they were all different colors… which made this whole scene even more bizarre. No one was seriously hurt — and cops ended up responding.

The Beverly Hills Police Department told TMZ that a detective sergeant came out to facilitate the exchange of information, but did not take the police report because everyone walked away from the incident unharmed.

The other strange element here…the fact that film producer Jeff Beecher appears to be involved here as well – though it's unclear in exactly what capacity.

Wearing the pink shirt with his name centered on the chest in the photos, Beecher spoke with an officer and another woman at one point while shuffling papers…and was also on the phone at one point and appeared a little nervous.

As for what caused the accident…no word on that yet – but it's very sad to see, especially since Teslas usually drive around town looking so clean and perfect. As it turns out…they got beat up on the road too!

It's also just a perfect snapshot of life in Los Angeles… where everyone is electric these days.

Safe driving, everyone.

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