The Super Mario Maker community is clearing the 'weed pruning' just days before the Wii U goes online – Tech News (Trending Perfect)


Super Mario Maker
Image: Nintendo

Remember how a special task force dubbed “Team 0%” managed to finish every level in Super Mario Maker before Nintendo's Wii U Online shutdown? Well, there was also an “illicit upload” titled “Trimming the Herbs” that the community was determined to combat.

Now, with only days to go, this level has officially been cleared. As highlighted on Sub-gamesSociety persisted and this level was “conquered”. He was Finished by “sanyx91smm2” And you can watch the flawlessly executed 25-second demonstration in the video below:

This stage, as previously explained by the game's community, was a tool-assisted sprint, which technically made “The Last Dance” (removed by “Yamada_SMM2” on March 15, 2024) the final legitimate download. That's it, the Super Mario Maker community on Wii U is complete all Level before closing next week.



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