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Don't tear up your tickets yet!

Saturday night's massive $1.3 billion Powerball drawing has been postponed, postponing the life-changing dreams of avid players.

The Powerball lottery numbers were supposed to be drawn at 11 p.m., but they ran into a problem "Advance drawing" problem.
The Powerball lottery numbers were supposed to be drawn at 11 p.m., but ran into a “pre-draw” issue. AP

The numbers were supposed to be drawn at 10:59 p.m. – but the numbers were still up by 11:30 p.m.

Arsenal He said in a statement That the delay was due to a participating lottery needing “additional time to complete required advance drawing procedures, which were enacted to protect the security and integrity of Powerball.”

Powerball said every ticket sold nationwide must be scanned and verified through two different computer systems before the numbers are drawn.

This process ensures that every ticket is counted and gives every game an equal chance of winning.

“Tonight, we have one jurisdiction that needs additional time to complete the advance withdrawal process,” Powerball said.

The company asked players to hold on to their tickets until the process is complete. The drawing will be broadcast live on powerball.comBut it is unclear when exactly this will happen.

The delay sparked outrage on social media.

“This is twice as powerful as Powerball not being able to hold a scheduled drawing when it is over $1 billion. “This should raise some questions,” Ryan Ebling said. chirp.

“Powerball is not rigged at all. “They just need more time to make sure the winning ticket is drawn in California.” to publish.

“Arsenal, are you all cheating or is something going on??? That's why people are starting to engage in all these suspicious activities less and less.” question.

“So you're telling me they had to postpone the Arsenal game… is it because I won and they want to pick someone else because I feel weird,” one woman said. Sarcastically.

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