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Get ready for the next battle…at Waffle House. For some time now, Tekken Fans on social media have been teasing Katsuhiro Harada for a long time Tekken Product to add Waffle House battle stage. It seems that all the posts have reached Harada, Who finally asked: “Why?” The resulting thread on

Waffle House is a breakfast restaurant known for being always full and always open; It's the place you go at 2am when you're drunk and hungry. Because it stays open rain, shine or worse, feeding families and drunks alike, it has gained a reputation for hosting knockout, drawn-out fights that often go viral on social media. In one famous clip that is often used as an example that Waffle House is not a place for the faint of heart, a Waffle House employee appears They expertly deflect a chair thrown at them by an angry shepherd.

In Harada's Agents with questionable military-grade combat skills.”

Waffle House is only good for two things: eating and fighting. and since then Tekken Featuring stages from around the world, matching the nationalities of its characters, Waffle House would be perfect to represent America.

Harada appeared to take the suggestion seriously, responding to many of the posts with enthusiasm grounded in legal facts.

“Thanks for the clarification, guys.” to publish. “However, I think you're missing one important point. The restaurant owns the trademark and the rights to the restaurant, so if the restaurant chain's headquarters refuses to accept my proposal, it won't happen.

So, while Harada may be in the process of getting permission to showcase the restaurant Anthony Bourdain once described “Better than the French Laundry” The possibility of such a thing happening is more likely than your chance of winning a fight against a Waffle House employee.



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