Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, could appeal his extradition to a British court – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 19: Julian Assange gestures as he speaks to the media from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy on May 19, 2017 in London, England. Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) Jack Taylor | Getty Images News | Getty Images LONDON – A high court in London ruled on Monday that WikiLeaks … Read more

Is there a decline in consumer spending? Here's what CEOs are saying – Business News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] People walk past Sweetgreen restaurant in Manhattan on September 14, 2023. Jenna Moon | The Washington Post | Getty Images As prices and interest rates continue to rise, Chipotle Burrito bowls and European vacations are still on the table for many consumers. But Big Macs and kitchen remodels are not. The latest round of … Read more

US officials say Iran launched drone attacks on Israel – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Protesters wave the Iranian flag and the Palestinian flag as they gather in Palestine Square in Tehran on April 14, 2024, after Iran launched a drone and missile attack on Israel. Atta Kinari | AFP | Getty Images Iran on Saturday launched attacks against Israel, according to US officials, escalating long-standing tensions between the … Read more

Why Hawaii is becoming a leader in electric vehicle adoption in the United States – Business News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Customers admire a Tesla Model 3 electric car at a Tesla store in Honolulu, Hawaii. Alex Tay | SOPA Photos | Rocket Lite | Getty Images American consumers have been transitioning to all-electric vehicles more slowly than many expected — but Hawaii is a growing leader in electric vehicle adoption. This year, the tropical … Read more

Why are car insurance costs skyrocketing, leading to higher inflation? – Top Stories (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Robert Crum | Getty Images DETROIT – Soaring auto insurance costs helped contribute to faster-than-expected inflation in March, adding to the increasingly expensive costs for U.S. car owners. On a monthly basis, car insurance prices as part of the Consumer Price Index rose by 2.7% unadjusted, while on an annual basis they rose by … Read more

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida said the United States should play a leadership role in the world – Top Stories (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] US Vice President Kamala Harris and US House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) applaud as Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida addresses a joint meeting of Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, US, April 11, 2024. Amanda Andrade Rhodes | Reuters Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida He urged the United States on Thursday to continue … Read more

Will the Fed cut interest rates this year? – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The Federal Reserve is determined not to cut interest rates too early — and some economists say recent data has pushed summer rate cuts completely off the table. Friday's jobs report underscored the seemingly unwavering strength in the US labor market and signaled the need for more caution from the Federal Reserve. All eyes … Read more

Stock futures rise in overnight trading after a losing week in the market: Live updates – Top Stories (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on August 4, 2022. Source: New York Stock Exchange Stock futures rose in overnight trading Sunday after the market endured a down week with the 2024 rally stalling. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures rose 95 points. S&P 500 futures rose 0.2%, and Nasdaq 100 … Read more

Total solar eclipse: 90% of Airbnbs in the US are booked to view the cosmic spectacle – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] New Delhi: Next Total solar eclipse On April 8, it sparked a spike in Airbnb bookings along the overall route, with 90% of properties already booked in United State, as reported by USA Today. Interest peaked on March 26, with accommodation searches up 1,000% compared to last year, according to the report.The hosts have … Read more

Stocks, news, data and earnings – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The United States added 303,000 jobs in March, exceeding estimates A Nugget Markets “Hiring Now” sign is posted on the side of a Golden Gate Transit bus on July 07, 2021 in San Rafael, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images March non-farm payrolls data came in stronger than expected on Friday morning, another sign … Read more