We're trying to decipher SpaceX's ever-changing plans for Starship in Florida – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Zoom in / SpaceX's Starship tower (left) at Launch Complex 39A dwarfs the launch pad for the Falcon 9 rocket (right). There are two ways to read the FAA's announcement that it will begin a new environmental review of SpaceX's plan to launch the world's most powerful rocket from Florida. The Federal Aviation Administration … Read more

Physicists finally confirm Einstein's startling predictions about black holes: ScienceAlert – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The detailed mechanisms of how matter falls onto a black hole from outside the event horizon have been revealed in a new research paper. As predicted by Einstein's theory of gravity, there comes a point at which matter stops orbiting the black hole and falls straight down, rapidly hurtling beyond the point of no … Read more

Blue Origin is launching six tourists to the edge of space after a nearly two-year hiatus – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Sign up for CNN's Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. Blue Origin's tourism rocket has launched passengers to the edge of space for the first time in nearly two years, ending a hiatus left by a failed unmanned test flight. The New Shepard rocket … Read more

America's first black astronaut candidate is finally going into space 60 years after Bezos' rocket – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Van Horn, Texas (AFP) – America's first black astronaut finally launched into space after 60 years, and flew aboard Rocket Company Jeff Bezos Sunday. Ed Dwight He was an Air Force pilot when President John F. Kennedy endorsed him as a nominee for NASA's first astronaut corps. But he was not selected for the … Read more

Bright green fireball lights up the skies of Portugal and Spain (photos) – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The Internet is filled with footage of a meteor speeding across the night sky over Portugal and Spain, lighting up the sky as a blue-green fireball. The meteorite was confirmed by European Space Agency (ESA), which captured the fireball with its cameras in Cáceres, Spain, at 6:46 PM EDT (22:46 UTC) on Saturday (May … Read more

Botanists are scouring the US-Mexico border to document a forgotten ecosystem divided by a giant wall – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] JACOME, Mexico (AP) — Near the towering border wall flanked by a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, botanist Sola Vanderplank heard a quail squawk “chi-ca-go,” a sound birds use to signal separation from quail. A colleague or group. A quail responded on the Mexican side, blaring a back-and-forth sound clip that was both fitting and … Read more

Radar discovers a long-lost river in Egypt, and may solve the mystery of an ancient pyramid – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Scientists have discovered a long-buried branch of the Nile River, which once flowed alongside more than 30 pyramids in Egypt, which may solve the mystery of how ancient Egyptians moved huge stone blocks to build the famous monuments. The 40-mile branch of the river, which ran past the famous Giza pyramid complex among other … Read more

A plumbing problem at Glen Canyon Dam poses a new threat to the Colorado River system – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] ATLANTA (AP) — Plumbing problems at a dam holding back the second-largest reservoir in the United States are raising concerns about future water delivery problems to southwestern states supplied by the Colorado River. Federal officials recently reported damage to four pipes known as “river outlet works” at Glen Canyon Dam on the Utah-Arizona border. … Read more

Astronomers spot a giant black hole sleeping less than 2,000 light-years from Earth – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Sign up for CNN's Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. Astronomers have discovered the largest known stellar black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy after observing an unusual wobble in space. The so-called “sleeping giant”, called Gaia BH3, has a mass equivalent to about … Read more