The United States urges Hamas to accept the new ceasefire agreement – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The Israeli War Cabinet meets on Tuesday to discuss the latest US proposal for a ceasefire after Hamas said it was reviewing the plan but accused Israel of remaining “intransigent” and failing to respond to the demands of the Palestinian people. Hamas wants Israel to withdraw all its forces from Gaza and allow the … Read more

Has the path of the eclipse changed? What it means for Kentucky – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The April 8 total solar eclipse, whose path crosses parts of Indiana and Kentucky, is days away, and new research suggests fewer Kentuckians may experience the totality because previous 2024 eclipse maps are wrong — but not by much. Despite these results, NASA She told IndyStar in an email that her eclipse forecast has … Read more

New data changes the overall map of Texas – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Despite modern technology, it is difficult to measure the radius of the Sun. New data shows that the Sun is slightly larger than previously thought. These new calculations have changed the total path of the solar eclipse slightly, just one week before the event. People also read:The weather prospects in Texas are not looking … Read more