Support for the Conservative Party in the 'Blue Wall' has fallen to a new low – Top Stories (Trending Perfect)


Support for the Conservative Party in crucial 'blue wall' seats has fallen to a new low in a fresh setback for Rishi Sunak.

A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll, conducted on March 31, found that 26 per cent of people intend to vote Conservative, down two points from the company's previous poll on March 3.

Redfield said the 26 per cent was the lowest ever recorded for the Conservative Party in the “Blue Wall” since the tracking poll began in October 2022.

The previous record low of 28 per cent has been set twice, most recently in the March 3 poll and also in the first poll conducted during Liz Truss's premiership.

The latest poll gives Labor an eight-point lead over the Conservative Party in the “Blue Wall”, with the former receiving 34 percent of the votes. Labor support fell by three points.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats' approval rating rose by one point to 20 per cent, and the UK Reform Party's approval rating rose by four points to 14 per cent.

The term “Blue Wall” refers to dozens of affluent constituencies in the south of England, where the Conservatives have traditionally won.

The tracked poll covers 42 seats. The Conservatives won all of these elections in the 2019 general election, receiving just under 50 per cent of the vote.



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