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Roku “announced” its professional-level TV series at CES but provided few details at the time. But now, we're firmly into the season when 2024 TV actually begins shippingSo today, the company is sharing more about what sets these models apart from the budget, self-branded TVs it released last year — and the many Roku TVs available from other manufacturers.

Like other Roku products, the appeal boils down to simplicity and ease of use. These TVs will automatically adjust and optimize their picture (and brightness) from scene to scene based on the content being viewed. Roku calls its version “Smart Picture Max” and says its picture quality engineers are obsessed with performance. A less advanced version, Roku Smart Picture, will be released everyone Roku TVs (including those from other companies) as part of an upcoming operating system update.

Every TV shows works of art now, haven't you heard?
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We already knew that the Roku Pro series would use Mini LED panels, but now the company has confirmed that they will feature 120Hz refresh rates for ultra-smooth gaming. Roku also checks the boxes for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, automatic low latency mode (ALLM), and VRR support. They also have Wi-Fi 6 for seamless streaming. As for HDR, you'll get Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 Plus.

Roku is also capitalizing on the success of Samsung's Frame TV by rolling out a new feature called Backdrops. You can choose from a variety of artworks — “including famous classics, museum collections, abstract designs, and more” — to display on your TV when it's idle. At least for now, the wallpapers don't cost anything, but at a press conference, company executives hinted that they could become another source of income over time. (Samsung charges a subscription fee for its art store on The Frame.)

The Pro Series TVs will come with Roku's second-generation Voice Remote Pro, which now has backlit buttons and a rechargeable battery (with USB-C charging) while maintaining the dedicated shortcut button. The TVs have side-firing speakers and support Dolby Atmos “for wide, cinematic sound.”

Roku is also building some thoughtful touches into the TV. There's a remote location button right on the side (in the shape of a Roku remote), and the company will sell an optional $99.99 high-profile wall mount that has a hinge and kickstand to make life easier when Do Sometimes you need access to HDMI ports or other hardware components.

The Roku Pro Series TVs are available starting today in 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes, and range from $899.99 to $1,699.99. These prices are obviously much higher than the company's previous sets, but they're still fairly aggressively priced for Mini LED sets. You can order them from Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Stay tuned for a review in the coming weeks to see how Roku fares against Hisense, TCL, and other companies that have been shipping impressive Mini LED TVs for years.



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