Putin signs a decree on military conscription in the spring – Global News (Trending Perfect)


Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses troops from the Defense Ministry, National Guard, FSB security service and the Interior Ministry in central Moscow on June 27, 2023.

Sergey Junaev | AFP | Getty Images

A document published on the Kremlin's website, on Sunday, showed that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree outlining a routine recruitment campaign in the spring, calling up 150,000 citizens for legal military service.

All men in Russia are required to perform one year's military service, or equivalent training during higher education, from the age of 18.

In July, Russia's lower house of parliament voted to raise the maximum conscription age for men to 30 from 27. The new legislation entered into force on January 1, 2024.

Compulsory military service has long been a sensitive issue in Russia, with many men doing their best to avoid turning in conscription papers during twice-yearly call-ups.

Conscripts cannot legally be deployed to fight outside Russia, and were exempted from a limited mobilization in 2022 that brought together at least 300,000 men with previous military training to fight in Ukraine – although some conscripts were sent to the front in error.

In September, Putin signed an order summoning 130,000 people for the fall campaign, and last spring Russia planned to recruit 147,000.



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