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Kelly Clarkson shared her difficult pregnancy stories amid the Arizona Supreme Court's decision last week to allow the state to prepare for a near-total ban on abortion based on an 1864 law.

On Monday, Clarkson spoke with former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about the Arizona court's decision on… The Kelly Clarkson Show. Clinton was about to be promoted It is enougha Broadway musical about the women's suffrage movement in America, in which the former Secretary of State serves as producer.

“Did you ever think in your life that we would see that happen?” Clarkson asked Clinton what was happening in Arizona. “It's crazy to me, to think back to 1864. It's a completely different world. We know a lot now. “We are going backwards.”

“It's terrifying,” Clinton said. “I feared it would happen but I hoped it wouldn't. We are now in the middle of this very difficult period for women in about half of our states who cannot get the care they need.

“The old law in Arizona is no exceptions [for rape and incest]”The danger to women's lives as well as our right to make our own decisions about our bodies and ourselves is very profound,” Clinton continued. “And there's another element to it, which I find very troubling. I mean, there's a kind of callousness to it.”

Clarkson then shared that she was hospitalized during her pregnancy and was afraid she would lose her life. “I literally asked God, this is a real thing, to take me and my son to the hospital for the second time, because I was like, 'This is the worst,'” she recalls, pausing to apologize as she began to apologize. Get emotional thinking about her experience.

Clarkson continued: “It was my decision and I'm so glad I did it. I love my children, but to make someone….” “And you don't realize how hard it is. The fact that you would take that from someone, you could literally kill them. The fact that if they were raped by a loved one and had to do that, that's crazy to me.”

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The “Stronger” singer used her platform The Kelly Clarkson Show To try to combat voter apathy during the 2024 presidential election. “It's hard to preach to someone that they should care about something, but at the same time, I feel like we're going to end up in some kind of — not to sound dramatic but — kind of civil war over things that I don't think It's dramatic.” “I feel like we shouldn't be divided,” she said.

“I think you're 100 percent right,” Clinton agreed. “All I can do, as you just said, is try to tell people — for example, there was a vote in the Arizona legislature to try to repeal the 1864 law, so that there is an approach “More rational. He lost. What matters is who represents you.”

The politician reminded viewers that voting is your “superpower – and it may not seem like it but it really is.”



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