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The conversation will remain between these three, and while peace once again reigns between Packer and Politis, they have a long way to go before they can enjoy the deeper friendship they've had in years.

Politis is a stubborn businessman, but he also has a soft touch when it comes to long-term friends. Both men would be better at reconciling their differences.

Love and religion make former wild child Pierce a changed man

Mitchell Pierce He has never been afraid to think differently and be his own man – and he continues on that path into retirement.

Pierce is in a relationship with a Muslim woman he met while playing for Catalans Dragons in France. The couple has been dating for a little over a year, and Pierce is embracing some of her ways. He is celebrating Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic year when strict fasting takes place from dawn to sunset – for the first time as part of his open-minded approach to life.

Pierce has been very close to him for a long time Sonny Bill WilliamsOne of the most prominent Islamic sports figures in Australia. In keeping with faith, Piers has also given up drinking for the time being. He hasn't touched alcohol in over a year.

He has been doing a lot of reading to expand his mind in the area of ​​religion, faith, and mindfulness as he begins a new chapter, helping others deal with life in the spotlight.

Mitchell Pearce plays for Catalonia Dragons in 2022.

Mitchell Pearce plays for Catalonia Dragons in 2022.credit: GT

Pearce has lived a checkered life in the public eye, experiencing the heights of a premiership with the Roosters in 2013 and years of being a tough boy to fans and media due to his State of Origin performances in NSW and occasionally at club level. .

It has given him a lot of experience trying to teach young people and other athletes about life in the public eye and how to deal with pressure. If anyone can speak from first-hand experience, it's Pierce.

His father, Wayne, a pioneer in the professional league who looked outside the box to get an edge in performance, and now Mitchell is following in his father's footsteps to some extent. Wayne is a health freak and a non-drinker, and at 63 years old, he looks fitter than most 40-year-olds.

Bunny business?

There are many stories to come out of the South Sydney camp as they deal with a really difficult period, but one of the hardest stories to write down is that there was an independent report prepared for the club's CEO. Blake Sully And the coach Jason Demetriou To find out what the issues are at the club – if any.

After weeks of recently being in close proximity to the club, this column has heard from several people associated with the Rabbitohs that there has been a report. Club figures I spoke to did not even discuss the matter, while Sule said there was no report.

The players were interviewed at the end of last season in order to prepare a formal club report, but the outgoing staff were not.

As for the external report, sources familiar with the situation, who did not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue, informed me that a report had been prepared and included a set of recommendations. Souths won just four of their last 13 matches in 2023 to miss the finals altogether after leading the competition after Round 11.

What did the “alleged” report recommend?

Latrell Mitchell made headlines throughout the opening rounds of the season.

Latrell Mitchell made headlines throughout the opening rounds of the season.credit: NRL Photos

One thing we were told is that it is recommended Latrell Mitchell He should have less voice in the game to allow him to focus on the south. Over the past month or so, Mitchell has been the loudest and most talked-about figure in the game. Now Souths' decision-makers have banned him from speaking to the media. It is difficult to know whether this was in response to a recommendation in a report, or in response to his comments about a racial slur directed against him. Ezra Mam by Spencer Linio in Las Vegas, or in response to Mitchell's profanity-laced radio interview.

I have been told that another recommendation in the report relates to bringing in an assistant coach from outside the club. This was denied and did not happen.

South has been dealing with all kinds of rumors: including players getting punched during practice, Mitchell switching positions, and a host of others.

We also asked the club about two nights the group spent in Mexico while at a camp in San Diego, 30 kilometers from the border. Nothing bad happened, but the club says the story is not true and that the players did not leave the United States. We will never know the full story, but our sources are reliable.


Jersey boy

Rooster Connor Watson He revealed the moment he knew for sure he wanted to continue playing rugby league as he suffered a serious knee injury that kept him out of the NRL for 558 days. While doing a mental exercise with the Roosters about resilience, he produced a jacket from his younger days to explain what drives him.

“I made it,” he said. “I had dark days and wondered about my future. But the jump was a reminder of why I got into football and the dreams I had when I was a little kid. It was crucial.”

Mind trust

The manner in which the Tigers thrashed Cronulla last Saturday should come as no surprise to those who know the inner workings of the club's coaching staff.

Benjy Marshall He has been criticized for being less committed than other coaches, but what has been overlooked is his ability to delegate and trust those around him.

When it came to knowing the Sharks, Marshall had only to turn to his coaching staff for insight. assistant John Morris He played 105 times for the Sharks, coached the club 51 times in the top flight, helped develop a number of Cronulla players and would have known their games inside out. It's fair to assume that the Tigers' players were well-armed with their opponents' strengths and weaknesses.

This is Marshall's strength: he trusts the people around him and is able to delegate to others, showing a maturity beyond his 39 years of age and a lack of ego.

Ian Heads in 2023, when he was inducted into the Rugby League Hall of Fame.

Ian Heads in 2023, when he was inducted into the Rugby League Hall of Fame.credit: NRL Photos

Forever grateful

Ian Heads His sad passing on Monday had a huge impact on journalists and sports figures. Many presidents have written and said about him, and integrity has been the dominant theme.

The Chiefs have played a huge role in my career and were largely responsible for getting me started The Sun Herald In the mid-nineties. Not only did he recommend me for the job, Headsy was always available for story suggestions and was happy to share contact with me. It was great to see him honored in the NRL Hall of Fame last year.

My thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Fat chance

Racing writer Chris Roots Share this gem with me.

Greyhound Fat Pizza has raced 99 times without a win, but a race will be named in his honor at Richmond on Sunday. It will be his 100th start in the Fat Pizza easter Miracle Maiden as the cult dog tries to get that elusive win, having finished in the top 40 times.

“He has been doing very well and we hope he will be the best this time,” the coach said Nick Kilner He said. “He has a special place in our house because he is our pet. We have persevered with him because he loves it.”

Log cabin fever

Bravo to the Penrith star Mitch Kenny. Peter Overton, sponsor of the MonSTAR Foundation, reported that Kenny came to Pennant Hills Golf Club the Friday before last to support a fundraiser for motor neuron disease.


Mitch opened his speech by saying, “I'm just a football player.” But he was a hero to everyone in the room. From his racket, Kenny donated lunch with himself, Nathan Cleary And Dylan Edwards at The Log Cabin in Penrith, and raised $10,000 for a great cause.

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