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Giants players give a preview of Sutter's Health Park in Sacramento Originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

A mix of Athletics and San Francisco Giants players have experience playing at Sutter Health Park in West Sacramento.

While acknowledging the strange and distressing circumstances that will leave the Oakland Coliseum without an MLB team, members of both franchises know that baseball will be played in California's capital.

However, this does not mean that there is not a lot of uncertainty regarding Sutter Park's state of health And its ability to host a major league team.

“They definitely need a lot of improvements to the clubhouse and the cages, all that stuff,” A’s second baseman Zach Gelov told CBS Sacramento’s Jake Gadon on Friday. “I would say it was below A-average [ballpark]And I'm sure they'll take care of it, I think, by next year.

Gelof, when visiting as a member of the A's Triple-A team, the Las Vegas Aviators, was not impressed with Sutter Health Park.

His concerns are evident in the stadium's design. Sutter Health Park offers smaller dimensions and has a capacity of only 14,000 compared to the Coiseum's capacity of 63,000.

While the historic Oakland venue may have its caveats, it meets the standards of an MLB baseball stadium.

Giloff's points across the Bay were backed up by Giants outfielders Tyler Fitzgerald and Patrick Bailey, both of whom know what it's like to matter. Call Sutter Health Park homeThey also played for the RiverCats – San Francisco's Triple-A affiliate based at Sacramento Stadium.

“Last year we had one [batting] “Home and away, I think they have two cages this year,” Fitzgerald told Joseph Dicus of the Mercury News in an exclusive interview on Friday. “With clubs coming from the big league, the visiting teams will need their own teams.”

“The renovations they did made it even more beautiful,” Bailey added. “You know, I don't think any situation like this is ideal, but you know, I hope they make the best of it.”

Giants players can only preview the baseball experience in Sacramento so much, as only time will tell how the A's and MLB settle in at Sutter Health Park.

But Oakland outfielder Brent Rucker, the AL's only star during the 2023 MLB season, trusts the MLBPA to handle transforming Sutter Health Park into a showplace-friendly stadium.

“No, I don’t think so,” Rucker answered Jadon when asked about the issues playing in Sacramento. “We trust us [Players Association] To make sure the right modifications and facilities are met to make sure it's a major league stadium by the time we get there.

While it is possible to modify the new stadium to MLB standards, the weather in Sacramento is uncontrollable.

However, Giants outfielder Tristan Beck, who had stints with the River Cats through 2022 and 2023, believes the park is worthy of MLB competition, and concerns about Sacramento's Central Valley weather are not as profound.

“I loved my time in Sacramento, and I know historically they had an incredible fan base,” Beck explained to Dicus. “Sutter Park is an incredible stadium, and I've heard the renovations they've done this year are incredible. So it should be interesting.”

“I didn't have any problem with the heat last year in Sacramento. I felt like other places we go like Texas were a lot hotter.

The A's will play at Sutter Health Park during Seasons 2025, 2026 and 2027.

While the relocation process has had many twists and turns, Sacramento appears to be the true destination for quality people – temporarily. However, Sutter Health Park's performances for players and fans will be closely monitored heading into next season.

Regardless, baseball fans everywhere will miss the Coliseum, like third baseman J.D. Davis.

“Being a Northern California kid growing up, seeing the A's, seeing the Giants,” Davis recalled with Jadon. “Going to see them and playing in the coliseum in high school, it's going to be depressing for baseball, especially since you see the retired numbers there…

“I'm kind of mixed as a baseball fan. Being the Oakland Coliseum, it's very much a historic place…leaving a little bit of history aside.”



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