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(KRON) – A professor who was fired from Stanford University after his freshmen students complained about his lecture on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has filed a defamation and retaliation lawsuit in federal court.

Dr. Amir Loggins' attorney filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the prestigious university and a student and fellow professor who described him as one of the “most racist faculty members” on Stanford's campus.

Logins terminated due to a classroom lecture on October 10, 2023. Three days ago in Israel, Hamas gunmen stormed the Gaza border, ambushed a music festival, and killed about 1,200 people.

The “College 101” class was for students new to the university. Loggins engaged his class in a discussion about settler colonialism and spoke about Native Americans. As part of this discussion, he also sparked a “difficult dialogue about dehumanization, Israel and Gaza.”

After the lecture, the students complained to Stanford University officials.

Their professor was suspended on October 11 while officials investigated whether his lectures used identity-based targeting. According to Stanford President Richard Saller and Dean Jenny Martinez, Dr. Loggins “addressed the conflict in the Middle East in a way that calls upon individual students in the class based on their backgrounds and identities.”

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Loggins has been suspended since the incident and recently learned that his contract, which expired April 1, had not been renewed.

According to the lawsuit, Stanford violated its personnel policy by issuing a public statement about Loggins' suspension after pressure from students.

At the time, tensions were high on many campuses due to the war in Gaza, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia. The professor claims he has been subjected to a wave of harassment, including threats of violence and online defamation.


“Academic freedom does not permit students to be targeted based on their identity,” university officials wrote. In the current situation. The students said that the teacher tried to justify Hamas' actions and stressed that Israel is a colonial state. Rabbi Dov Greenberg told CNN.

Attorney Derek Sells of Cochran represents the professor.

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