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In the first episode of Jerrod Carmichael reality showCarmichael attempts to rationalize the concept of his intimate, revealing show. He says he feels comfortable opening up only when the camera is around, and there's a lot he has to get off his chest. But not everyone agrees with his desire to document his life, especially his good friend Anonymous, who is so opposed to the project that he refuses to have his face or voice captured on display.

“I'm not putting myself through this shit,” the man known as Anonymous tells the camera, when he stops by Carmichael's apartment during the episode. He is dressed all in black, with a ski mask and goggles; His voice was lowered to further conceal his identity. He goes on to tell his friend that the idea of ​​photographing the vulnerable moments of his life is selfish, artificial, and not “the truth.”

“It's exhibitionistic,” says Anonymous, adding: “There's public and private, and there's public masturbation.”

Carmichael himself is mostly unfazed, and Anonymous even shows up again later in the episode. Wearing his beret and tuxedo, Anonymous ends up accompanying the comedian to the Emmys, where Carmichael ends up winning an award for his popular special, Ruthaniel. Talk about artificial! The boys gossip, take up bedrooms and play rock, paper, scissors in the car for the party. It's one of the funniest parts of the episodes, reinforcing Anonymous's fears while also showing that even he's not above a trip to the Emmys.

Anonymous is not credited, and the show does not provide any identifying information to help identify his true identity. Or is it? In fact, if you're a Carmichael fan and one of his closest collaborators, that trip to the Emmys instantly warmed Anonymous.

In September 2022, Carmichael Already done Bring A friend wearing a giant mask To Amy. There are pictures of hugging On Getty Images For all future generations. But fans soon realized that this friend was – please – Bo Burnham, who directed the film Ruthaniel.

It is said that Burnham Just wear the mask During times when Carmichael is definitely in front of the camera, like when he won an Emmy. Carmichael also shouted at him during this His speech, referring to him by his nickname “Bobby” and looking directly at him when he said it. But some fans can tell just by the fact that this guy is one of the bravest men in comedy, and what other six-foot-a-million man will Carmichael bring with him to the Emmys?

In December of that year, Burnham admitted That he was the man behind the face covering while signing autographs outside the house Kate Berlant's theatrical performance, which he also directed. A fan asked him on camera why he was wearing a mask to the Emmys, and he said all would be revealed eventually.

More than two years later, HBO has backed down Trailer to Jerrod Carmichael reality showWhich included clips of the masked man hanging out with Carmichael. Bo Burnham's cell noticed again that yes, the comedian/director was hanging out with Carmichael; Some fans said his behaviors alone were enough to get him dumped.

Neither Carmichael nor Burnham accepts the fact that Burnham is on Carmichael's couch, which leads to the concept being snatched away. Jerrod Carmichael reality show For the whole world to see. But knowing that Burnham is the one helps soften the blow that his harsh criticism might deal. Nothing he said seemed to bother Carmichael. There are seven more episodes of his HBO show coming.



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