These are the home runs to watch in 2024 – Top Stories (Trending Perfect)


A change in the overall political mood could push some of these races into swing territory. Here are some things to watch for:

Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger's decision to run for governor turns her Democratic-leaning seat into a free-for-all. Seven Democrats have announced their candidacy for the June 18 primary, including Eugene Vindman, the twin brother of Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council military officer who blew the whistle on Mr. Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukrainian leader to announce an investigation into Mr. Trump. Biden. Eight Republicans are running.

  • Biden +6.8

  • Democratic +5 in 2022

Nevada's three Democratic House members proved resilient in 2022 when they were all re-elected in a year in which Republicans regained the state's governor's office. In 2024, the state will become a battleground between the president and the Senate. Rep. Susie Lee may be the toughest district to defend against the winner of the June 11 GOP primary.

  • Biden +6.6

  • Democratic +4 in 2022

Rep. Scott Perry, the Republican leader of the House Freedom Caucus, has not softened his conservative policies to suit his swing district, even after the panel that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol criticized him for his role in trying to overturn the election. This year, a well-known figure, Pennsylvania news anchor Janelle Stillson, chose to run for the Democratic Party and made January 6 her major issue. First, she must pass the April 23 primary.

  • Trump +4.1

  • Republican +8 in 2022

And in 2022, Democrat Adam Frisch stunned a lot of people, including his rival, Rep. Lauren Boebert, when he came close to defeating her by 546 votes. He was seeking a rematch in the vast region that stretches from the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains through much of southern Colorado, but Ms. Boebert, a conservative with an eye for attention, withdrew and moved on to run in a district in Colorado. Eastern part of the state. Winning this time against the winner of the 10-candidate Republican primary on June 25 will be more difficult for Mr. Frisch. But since his days as Ms. Boebert's enemy, he has managed to amass a staggering $10.8 million.

  • Trump +8.3

  • Republican +0.2 in 2022

George Santos has put this Long Island district on the map with his fake resume, his congressional theatrics, and his stunning expulsion from the House of Representatives. The strong victory of Tom Suozzi, a Democrat, in the special election to replace Mr. Santos convinced many people with disabilities that the seat would remain in his hands next November. But Republicans won it in 2022 with Santos, and eight of them lined up ahead of the June 25 primary to try to win it back.

  • Biden +11.3

  • Republican +8 in 2022



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