The United States completes its withdrawal from Niger by September 15 – Global News (Trending Perfect)


Niamey: Niger The United States has arrived an agreement On the withdrawal American Troops They said in a joint statement that this process has already begun and will end by September 15.
Last month, Niger's ruling military junta asked the United States to withdraw about 1,000 soldiers from the country. Until a coup last year, Niger was a key partner in Washington's war against rebels in Africa's Sahel region, who killed thousands of people and displaced millions more.
The agreement between the Nigerian Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Defense, which was reached after a five-day committee, guarantees the protection of US forces until their withdrawal and sets out procedures to facilitate the entry and exit of US forces. American Employees during the withdrawal process.
“The Nigerien Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Defense recall the joint sacrifices of Nigerian and American forces in the fight against terrorism, and welcome the joint efforts made in building the Nigerian Armed Forces,” a joint statement said.
He added, “The withdrawal of American forces from Niger does not in any way affect the continuation of relations between the United States and Niger in the field of development. Niger and the United States are also committed to an ongoing diplomatic dialogue to determine the future of their bilateral relations.” “.
Niger's decision to request the withdrawal of US forces came after a meeting in Niamey in mid-March, when senior US officials raised concerns about issues such as the expected arrival of Russian forces and reports of Iran seeking to obtain raw materials in the country, including uranium. .
Since then, Russian military personnel have entered an air base in Niger that hosts American forces.



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