NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory's budget is set to be cut after 25 years – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The Chandra X-ray Observatory, one of the four great space telescopes launched by NASA in the 1990s, has revolutionized our understanding of the universe from the moment it first began recording The telescope is now 25 years old, and scientists believe it could last for another decade. But the president's budget for next year … Read more

The United States urges Hamas to accept the new ceasefire agreement – Global News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] The Israeli War Cabinet meets on Tuesday to discuss the latest US proposal for a ceasefire after Hamas said it was reviewing the plan but accused Israel of remaining “intransigent” and failing to respond to the demands of the Palestinian people. Hamas wants Israel to withdraw all its forces from Gaza and allow the … Read more

A double-headed SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch at the Cape on Saturday – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] As the wait continues to bid farewell to Delta IV Heavy, locals and spring breakers are preparing for a possible double rocket launch show on Saturday. If all goes according to plan, two Falcon 9 rockets could soar into Florida's skies on back-to-back evening launches — something that's still a novelty. SpaceX confirmed both … Read more