Space startups are licking their lips after NASA turns an $11 billion Mars mission into a free-for-all. – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced the agency's $11 billion, 15-year mission to collect and return samples from Mars. Insufficient. But the strategic shift could be a huge boon for space startups, which are sure to have a significant portion of that planned funding redirected. “The bottom line is that the $11 … Read more

NASA says part of the International Space Station collided with a house in Florida – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] 4 hours ago Comment on the photo, The recovered object was part of a bracket used to mount batteries on a charging platform NASA has confirmed that the object that crashed into a house in Florida earlier this month was part of the International Space Station (ISS). The metal object was discarded from the … Read more

Scientists say a strange fungus could turn budding cicadas into 'salt of death'. – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Sign up for CNN's Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. this spring, Billions of cicadas will appear After more than a decade underground, they are ready to climb into trees and make noise while singing to attract mates. But some of these insects will … Read more

Mount Erebus volcano in Antarctica emits real gold dust – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Ironically, the frozen continent of Antarctica is a hotbed of volcanic activity. The ice-covered region is home to about 138 volcanoes located under the snow, 91 of which were discovered as recently as 2017. While most are considered dormant or perhaps extinct, three have erupted in recent history according to Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism … Read more

More of the greenhouse gas methane is leaking into the atmosphere than ever before — here's how satellites can find leaks and avoid wasting a valuable resource – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] Much larger quantities of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are now emerging Released from landfills And Oil and gas operations around the world than governments have realized, as recent airborne and satellite surveys show. This is a problem for the climate as well as for human health. That's also why the US government was … Read more

NASA confirms that the mysterious object that crashed into the roof of a house in Florida came from the International Space Station – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] This undated photo provided by NASA shows a piece of space junk recovered from equipment disposed of on the International Space Station. The cylindrical object that tore through a house in Naples, Florida, on March 8, 2024, has been transported to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, for analysis. (NASA via AP) … Read more

NASA confirms that the mysterious object that collided with the roof of a house in Florida came from the space station – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — NASA confirmed Monday that a mysterious object It crashed through the ceiling A Florida home last month was a piece of space junk from equipment discarded on the International Space Station. The cylindrical object that tore through a house in Naples on March 8 has been transported to the Kennedy … Read more

NASA is looking for a faster and cheaper way to bring Mars samples to Earth – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA's plan to return samples from Mars to Earth is on hold until there is a faster and cheaper way, NASA officials said Monday. Recovering Martian soil and rocks has been on NASA's to-do list for decades, but history continues to move forward, as costs balloon. A recent independent … Read more

NASA is seeking help to develop a low-cost Mars sample return mission – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] In response to an independent review of NASA's ambitious Mars sample return mission, agency officials said Monday they will seek new ideas from agency engineers, researchers and the private sector to come up with alternative mission designs to curb skyrocketing costs and obtain precious samples. Return to earlier land. The independent review board concluded … Read more

NASA detects stunning pink 'flames' emerging from behind a total solar eclipse – what are they? – Science News (Trending Perfect)

[ad_1] A NASA photographer captured stunning images that appear to show majestic fuchsia-pink flames exploding from behind the solar eclipse. Snapper Keegan Barber captured the total eclipse as the moon blotted out the sun and plunged Dallas, Texas into darkness on April 8, 2024. The images show huge pink towers of plasma pulsing from the … Read more