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Meta platforms On Wednesday, it unveiled details about the company's next-generation in-house AI accelerator chip.

Reuters reported earlier this year that Meta plans to deploy a new version of its data center chip dedicated to handling the growing amount of computing power needed to run artificial intelligence products at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The chip, referred to internally as “Artemis,” will help Meta reduce its reliance on Nvida's AI chips and reduce overall power costs.

“The architecture of this chip is primarily focused on providing the right balance between compute, memory bandwidth, and memory capacity to serve classification and recommendation models,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The new Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (MTIA) chip is part of a broad custom silicon effort at the company that includes looking at other hardware systems as well. Beyond building the chips and hardware, Meta has made significant investments in developing the software needed to harness the power of its infrastructure in the most efficient way.

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The company is also spending billions on purchases Nvidia And other AI chips: CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this year that the company plans to acquire nearly 350,000 flagship H100 chips from Nvidia. He said that in cooperation with other suppliers, Meta plans to assemble the equivalent of 600,000 H100 chips this year.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company The new chip will be produced using the “5nm” process. Meta said it's capable of three times the performance of a first-generation processor.

The chip is deployed in a data center and serves AI applications. The company said it has several programs underway “aimed at expanding the scope of MTIA, including supporting (generative artificial intelligence) workloads.”

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