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Tuxtla Gutierrez: Two attacks targeting candidates in the municipal elections in Mexico in June resulted in the deaths of eight people in the state of ChiapasThe district attorney's office said the area is plagued by organized crime on Sunday.
It said in a statement that the two candidates survived, although one of them was injured, in the attacks that occurred on Saturday night and Sunday morning in the municipalities of Villa Corzo and Mabastepec.
The attacks indicate an escalation violence In Chiapas vs Policy He plans to run for president in the June 2 elections, when the country's president will also be elected.
Earlier this month, six people, including mayoral candidate Lucero Lopez, were killed in an ambush after a campaign rally in the municipality of La Concordia, neighboring Villa Corzo.
More than twenty politicians have been killed since September last year, according to the non-governmental organization Data Civica.
Escalating criminal violence has killed more than 450,000 people in Mexico since the government of then-President Felipe Calderon launched a controversial military offensive against drug cartels in 2006.
The homicide rate has nearly tripled to 23 cases per 100,000 population since then.
Many Mexicans see insecurity as the most pressing challenge for the next government, according to opinion polls.



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