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OpenAI says it will remove one of the voices used by ChatGPT after it was likened to Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson.

Users discovered the similarity to the chatbot's “Sky” audio option, which reads responses aloud to users, when OpenAI demonstrated the features of its new model.

The voices available in ChatGPT's voice mode were “carefully selected through an extensive five-month process involving professional voice actors, talent agencies, casting directors, and industry consultants,” OpenAI said.

Set in the near future, Hair sees Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with his phone's operating system, voiced by Ms. Johansson.

Director Spike Jonze said at the time that the film was “not about technology or software,” but rather about finding love and intimacy.

OpenAI said Monday that the audio was not intended to be an “imitation” of the star.

“We believe that AI voices should not intentionally mimic a celebrity's distinctive voice,” she said in a statement. Blog post.

It “pauses” the sound while you address questions about how to select it In a post on Xformerly Twitter.

While demonstrating its human-like conversational capabilities, the chatbot said to an OpenAI employee: “Wow, that's exactly the outfit you're wearing.”

He also said “Stop it, you're making me blush” when complimented.

But amid the memes and posts about ChatGPT — which features animated images of the film's one and only hero, Theodore Twombly — there have also been criticisms of the audio.

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“This gives off 'female character as written by men' vibes,” one person on X said.

“Why is she so humiliating and flirtatious?”

In its blog post, OpenAI said that the five voices used by its chatbot were sampled from the voice actors it partnered with.

Being multilingual and having an “accessible” or “attractive” voice that “sounds timeless” were among the characteristics she targeted to create the characters.

The company said it spoke individually with the shortlisted actors about its vision for human interactions with AI, as well as the technology's capabilities, limits and risks, before deciding on the final votes.

The advanced audio features showcased at the Spring Update event have not been rolled out to ChatGPT users yet.

OpenAI says it will be available to subscribers who pay for faster responses and priority access to new features in the coming weeks.



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