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said former “Law & Order” star Angie Harmon Instacart A grocery delivery driver to her home in North Carolina shot and killed her family's dog on Saturday.

Harmon posted about the incident On Instagram Along with several pictures of the dog named Oliver. The delivery driver delivered groceries before Oliver was shot, Harmon said. The actress said that her family has Circular cameraBut she was inside the cargo and did not capture any footage of the accident. Harmon said she believes the man noticed the absence of the Ring camera.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed the incident, saying the driver told police the dog attacked him and that he fired in self-defense. Harmon disputed this account, saying that the driver “did not suffer a scratch or bite and his pants were not torn.”

Police said no charges have been filed in connection with the incident.

Instacart said in a statement that the driver will no longer deliver for them.

The delivery company said: “We were very sad and disturbed when we heard about this incident.” “We do not tolerate violence of any kind, and the shopper's account was immediately suspended from our platform. We have been in direct contact with the customer and are cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.”

Harmon said the Instacart driver was using a woman's profile, something police and Instacart did not address in their statements.

The former “Rizzoli and Isles” star said she and her family were devastated by the incident.

“We are completely shocked and absolutely devastated at the loss of our beloved boy and family member,” she wrote.



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